Choosing Love

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Let love live and take fear out

Let Love Live

Let Love Live

Choosing love is such a vague topic, but in actuality, it can be broken down into many different parts. For instance, choosing to love over fear, or choosing who to love. In both cases, one has to let their guards down to a state of vulnerability.

It can be a little scary to be vulnerable to love because our heart is guarded and protected by fear. Fear of getting hurt, fear of who we are falling in love with.

Yes, I said fear of who we are falling in love with it. At times we may meet someone who we never thought in a million years we would fall in love with because they may not meet our ideal image of the perfect soulmate.

So, choose to love in an unguarded state, a state that is free to love with no fear because love is such a beautiful emotion. It is wanderlust, vibrant, special, and emotional.


Candid Ivory

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