Finding love at a Coffee Shop?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Finding love can be unexpected. Your soulmate may even be waiting for you at a coffee shop? Or they may just be one second away from sliding in your DM.

Presently, It seems like people are not finding their soulmate in person anymore. It can be difficult and beneficial at times especially with the growing influence of social media.

Social media places a huge part of our world, especially in dating.

Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can be a good way to meet people who share the same interest as you.

But have you ever tried to log off facebook, IG, twitter, and try finding your soulmate in person?

Coffee Shop Love

Finding love in public

looking to date and go to places who you are looking to attract. For instance, if you are looking to attract someone in wall street, then you have to associate yourself with wall street. Placing yourself around people who you are looking to attract is a great start.

​If you are looking to date someone in the entertainment business than you have to associate yourself with entertainment. For instance, going to a concert, working at a studio, or at a record label is a great start. Also going to listening parties and promoting yourself through social media can help you catch the eye of that special one.

 If you’re looking to date someone in healthcare, legality, wall street, and tech world, then surround yourself in those locations. A great place to start will be going to a local coffee shop or Starbucks. These are common places where people who are movers and shakers, and influencers in these industries are mostly at.

 All and all, it seems like no one goes out to meet people in person now. With the growing influence, it seems as if everyone is discovering or finding their mate of social media, but there are still other avenues or ways to meet your soulmate in person.


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