First time Carnival Cruise Experience

One of the most practical ways to go on a vacation is through a cruise. In 2016, I went on my first cruise with some friends as a little gift from graduating from college. We went on a 5-day cruise from Tampa, Florida to Cayman Island and Cozumel Mexico with Carnival Vista. This was one of the best experiences of my life. Since then my love for cruising developed.

What I like most about cruising with Carnival

I like the fact that it is inexpensive. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to go on vacation. It is all expenses paid. The only time you will need to spend money is if you are going on an excursion or if you want alcohol. I like the fact the carnival has a wide variety of destinations. You are not limited to just one location. If you want to go to the Caribbeans, Mexico, or Alaska, Just book a cruise and go!

What I did wrong my first time cruising

I did a lot of things wrong. I did not pack any tennis shoes or sporty clothes. I missed out on a lot of unique once in a lifetime excursion opportunities.

Another thing I did wrong is I did not explore the ship. On a cruise, there are always events going on. There is something for everyone. I did not attend a lot of events. During my first cruise, I did not know that Carnival has an app that you can download that tells you about all of the events that are happening during your trip. This app would have been so helpful especially when keeping up with the local and ship time.

My cruise advice tip

All and All, cruising is so much fun! I will highly recommend it if you are looking for an affordable way to vacation. My biggest tip is to plan your trip effectively and book EARLY! I can not stress how important planning your trip is because If you plan your trip effectively you will save so much money on excursion, flights, and you get so really good bundle deals will carnival if you book your trip ASAP. I will also recommend researching the places you are going to. If you want to go on an Alaska cruise, look at how the weather is like. How cold or rainy it gets. I also watch vlogs on youtube to get a feel of how the trip is going to be. I will link some youtube cruise travel vlogs that I will highly recommend watching.


-Ivory Love


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