Job vs Career?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Do you want a job or do you want to build a career? "I am just here to get money and pay my bills"!

So many times, I have heard people say, " I hate my job, or I can't wait to leave this place".

I always ask them, well what is holding you back. You shouldn't put your self in a situation where you don't feel happy.

Imagine going to work every day with a pessimistic attitude about your job. If your job is causing you to much stress in your life or causing you to be unhappy. Then most likely it is not a place for you. So, what do you do? Do you go find another job in hopes of a better opportunity, or continue to be at a place where you're not happy?

This kind of experience describes how someone who goes to work without being their long-term, and it differentiates the difference between a job vs a career.

A job is an occupation where you go to earn a paycheck, but a career is a long term investment that takes years of training and experience to fulfill.

People who want to build a career out of their job take their work very seriously. They have thought about this extensive to conclude that this is what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

People who want to build a career obtain jobs that align with their long term goals and dream job. They are very passionate about their work, and they are driven by being successful in their field.

For example, people who want to go into a professional industry treat school like a job and take it very seriously because they are passionate about their career goals, and where they see themselves in society.

I think it is important to think about where you see your self in 10 years when accepting a job, and think about if you see your self there long term. Your happiness and mental state are so important at your job. If you're not happy with your job or with what you are doing then take some time off to evaluate what makes you happy. What kind of industry do you see your self being apart of?

"What stimulates your drive? Are you driven by money, success, wealth, or do you just want to help people"?

Build a career around what stimulates you and fuels your happiness, and where you can see yourself long term. Do you want to build your career in management, blogging, healthcare, music, construction, customer service, or entrepreneurship? Whatever you decide to build your career around. Approach every job as a challenge, and as an experience to help you reach your goal.

Because if you build your career around something that drives you then no one will ever take that away from you.


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