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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

This summer the city of Montreal was Hot! Hot as in there were so many things going on! From international jazz festivals, Caribbean carnival parades, to fun nights and days in the city, the whole city was electric.

Montreal City, Quebec Canada

The Beginning

My experience in Montreal was positively delightful. I went to Montreal on a road trip!

From Boston, Massachusetts USA to Montreal, Quebec Canada was a 5-hour drive ( not bad to travel to a different country). To get to Quebec Canada, you need to pass the US/Canadian border control with a valid passport or proper documentation. In addition, the officers will ask you some questions about your travel and background before entering Canada. After you get through border control, you are officially in Quebec, Canada, WOAH!

All about Montreal

Montreal is a beautifully diverse city. Filled with so many indigenous cultural attractions, museums, and eatery. It is like a mixture of modern skyline buildings, old French and British quarters. You get the best of both worlds while visiting Montreal. My favorite thing to do in Montreal was taking the Montreal City Hop-on Hop-off Tour, which is a tour around the city that allows you to explore restaurants, shopping centers, and green areas at your own pace. Significant stops include Notre Dame Basilica, Chinatown, and Crescent Street.

Montreal City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
Hop-on Hop-off Tour


Sight Seeing

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Carnival Parade and More Fun

Ivory Blogs in the City

Where to Eat

FOOD! Can we say that again? There are so many different places to eat in Montreal. Whatever your craving is. I am sure Montreal has it. The diversity of the city allows for a diverse range of restaurants to exist. Whether it is Thai, Syrian, American pub or Caribbean, every type of food is embedded in this city. Here are some different places I eat when I was in Montreal

Mango Bay, Siam Thai Centre Villa, Loeufrier, Angus Steakhouse, and Tim Horton

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