Nigerian Peppered Snail Recipe

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Peppered Snail is a delicious Nigerian delicacy. As a child, growing up in West Africa I have learned to appreciate the taste of this finger food. Now, I am not a pro, but I can say I can do a little something here and there in the kitchen. It all began one Saturday afternoon, I was watching a Nigerian movie and I saw the actors eating peppered snail, and it gave me a sudden burst to prepare some of my own lol.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

  2. Snail Sliced red habanero pepper

  3. Sliced Tomatoes

  4. Maggi Cube Curry

  5. Onion powder

  6. Sliced onion

  7. Olive oil( I went for a healthier option, but you can use any oil)


  1. Use apple cider vinegar to clean snail thoroughly.

  2. Rinse multiple times until all of the slime and residue is completely removed.

  3. Cut snail into to halves ( I like to do this because it allows the savory spices to sock through the snail better)

  4. Cook your snail ( add onions, Maggi cube, favorite seasonings, etc) for about 10 minutes Pre-heat your saucepan with olive oil ( add sliced onions, Maggi cube, favorite seasonings, and red habanero)

  5. Add your sliced tomatoes in your seasoned mixture

  6. Add your snail and broth into the seasoned mixture.

  7. Stir and cover pan lid for about 7 minutes making sure your peppered snail taste to your pleasure.

  8. Plate your peppered and add basil flakes for garnishment


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