Summer 2019 Destination?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We are going to an exotic vacation! I wonder where? guess which island is a top must see destination of summer 2019

Summer 2019 is here, and it is almost time to pack your suitcase and suit up for the most anticipated destination ever. Can you guess where? It is located in the heart and the center of planet Earth. It is located in the beautiful continent of Africa. This place is exotic, filled with a rich history, spice, and is glazed with an ivory sandy beach.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania, a country in East Africa. Tanzania is home to the region of Zanzibar, which is comprised of multiple different islands. The two main islands are Unguja and Pemba.

The capital of Unguja island is Zanzibar city. A hot and attractive destination that is a must-see destination for summer 2019.

They are so many features that make Zanzibar city a must-see destination. One, it is off the coast of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by tranquil and turquoise coast water. The white sand gives such a beautiful addition to the overall beauty of the city.

Not only is the island beautiful, but it is home to giant Aldabra tortoises and Stone City. Stone city is a cultural attraction site in Zanzibar. It's dynamic is influenced by African, European, Arab, and Indian culture. It is primarily built of coral stone, given the town a reddish and colorful look. The ethnic diversity of Stone city and the Aldabra tortoises provides an environmental and cultural diversity that is unique to Zanzibar city.

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“Travel Africa! , Explore Africa, Go to Zanzibar.”


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