The Essence of Journaling

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The beauty of journalism is an important factor of who we are. It can tell us a lot about our innate selves. A hobby that has been some times forgotten especially with the growing influence of social media.

We journal for various reasons. For me, blogging and journaling is an outlet. It provides a source for me to share my knowledge and ideas. It allows me to be creative and gives a sense of individualism outside of my career, but in totality, journaling can be therapeutic for 3 reasons: Reflect, Reveal, and Revisit.

Morning Devotion and Keto Coffee

Reflect- Journaling provides an outlet for you to reflect on your emotions and thoughts. It can be as simple as describing how your day went, or how you want your day to go. Simple devotions during the day such a scripture or motivation book can provide an essence of inner peace and positive affirmations.


Morning devotions

Revisit - Journaling is so beautiful because it can reveal one's dream and future aspirations.

Journaling you're long-term and short-term goals provide a framework for what you want to do for your self. It provides a sense of direction on your goals and how you hope to achieve those goals. Journaling your dreams provides a committed and a pledge to your self to never give up on your dreams


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