Ways to make an earning while quarantining.

I know being at home can be tough and though it may feel like you are not doing much because there is nowhere to go. I want to share with you all small legit website where you can make an earning while quarantine. As a blogger, I do a lot of research, and I will never recommend anything that is not legit.

1. Crowd tapper

Crowd tapper allowing you to take surveys for companies about your thoughts and opinions about their brand. This a creative market research tool that allows companies to improve their brand and their products. It also allows companies to determine what products they should release in the future

and build points once you have allotted over $1,00 points it estimates up to $5 in gift certificate which can be used on Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, and various other retailers. If you want to donate your gift cards to charities there are various charity to chose from.

Crowd tapper is a great way to make extra income for groceries. It is a free site and there is no extra work that needs to be done. I have tried crowd tappers my self, and it does work. I will never promote anything to my audience that is not legit.



Another small gig is doing voice over for an audiobook for companies such as audible and different podcast stations. The site where you can do this ACX.com. I have personally checked out this site myself, and I have to say they have some a lot of voice-over offerings for freelancers and people looking for a side hustle during this quarantine.

There are different genres to look into such as children's book, drama, animation, Sci-fi

I have not done any gigs my self because I don't like my speaking voice, and I have a speech impediment. I struggle with a lisp, so it can be annoying for some people. If you have good speaking, you are animated, and you have time to spare check out ACX.com



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