Be aware of job interview scandals!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I interviewed for my dream job, but I didn't get it. So, I interviewed for a position that I was so excited about with a company that I felt define what diversity meant in a company. They had a great representation of people within their leadership. Seeing the tree of diversity dispense around the company felt welcoming especially being a woman of color. I felt this job with this company was the one for me especially with my experiences and educational background, but I guess I was wrong.

The prep period

Beginning, I went to the interview feeling so ecstatic. I was so prepared to talk about my work experiences, qualities, goals, and whatever else was on my CV that they may ask.

As the interview progressed, I realize the interviewee didn’t even look at my resume or even asked me questions regarding my resume. Instead, he proceeded to talk about his role and the culture of the company. This was a little alarming to me, but at the time I thought it might have been a blinded interview where the interviewer gets their first impression without knowing anything about the interviewee. I thought the interview was very unconventional, and at that time I thought it was okay because the company’s culture was unconventional.

After the interview, I meet with the CEO of the company, and the HR department to talk about salary negotiation, reference, and background screening. I felt hopeful because as a new graduate the job market can be a rollercoaster ride. When I went home, I contacted my references/ mentors letting them know this X company was going to contact them.

The waiting period

A week went by without hearing from the company. I decided to email HR in regards to submitting my reference list. Only to get a dooming email that they have already selected another candidate.

I was boomed to get this email after thinking I have found my dream job with a great company, but I realize it didn’t work out as planned. It took me time to marinate what happened. I thought maybe I was unqualified for the position, or maybe I wasn’t the ideal candidate they were looking for.

The restoring period

To restore myself I began to journal my thoughts to heal from unpleasant news. I felt this was a perfect career move, but I realize my talents, qualifications, and expertise did not deserve a company that did not prioritize my time.

Why would a company give you misleading hope? Why would they go out of their way to ask for my reference and salary negotiation?

Knowing the position was filled, why would they spend their time, money, and resource to interview other candidates.

I concluded that a lot of companies conduct interviews after already hiring someone internally for a position. Just to comply with the HR code of conduct, so it looks like they have a diverse pool of candidates.

So as an avid job seeker, what do you do if you get the email from a company stating ''thank you….but the position is already filled''. My advice is to remain strong and have faith in yourself. You will land your dream job with a company more fitting for your caliber.

This experience added more fuel to my job-seeking experiences, and encourage me to ask questions about the job, watch for red flags so I don’t waste my time or the company's time. My passion to land my dream job in my desired profession paid off because I did land my dream job with a reputable company. This goes to show that not every company deserves your talent. If they did, then you would have landed that job!


- Candid Ivory


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